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Staff Verification Services

We use the latest technology and have partnered with professionals in their respective fields

Professional Services

Bizlink Veri-X is a staffing professional services company which takes the recruiting process to the next level.


We do this by using the latest technology to ensure you hire the right person into your organization, we also ensure that the person is adequately and sufficiently trained for the role they will be fulfilling and offer post placement mentorship and support.

Polygraph Services

Pre-Employment Polygraphs

Incident Related Polygraphs

Routine/ Periodic Polygraphs

Are your revenues and profits down?

Are you having stock loses? 


The problem could be your staff are stealing from you.

Incident and theft services

Incidents like theft, fraud, harassment and racism in organisations can have a huge effect on the company and its staff.

Honesty and integrity checks

The more you know about who you are employing the better you can effectively manage and mitigate this risk.

Pre-employment Checks

We do a wide range of checks such as Criminal record checks, Financial checks and Psychometric testing

Mitigate your risks

Whether you are a small, medium or large business, employing the wrong staff is a business risk, the more you know about who you are employing before you employ them can effectively help mitigate this risk.

Doing effective upfront background checks for a small fee could potentially save you huge costs down the line.

With our periodic polygraph check you can identify which staff are up to no good and are stealing from you, be it cash out the till or your stock.

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We use the latest technology and have partnered with professionals in their respective fields to get you as much relevant information as required to make an informed decision.

Other Services


Academic Qualification
Qualification and degree verification

Verify validity of SA tertiary qualifications. Verify local and international degrees.

Be in the know

Voice Polygraphs

We use the VSAPRO Voice Polygrpah system. This is the most advanced Voice Polygraph system worldwide. Coupled together with our knowledge and experience we provide a comprehensive staffing verification solution.

Voice Polygraph

Examiners Course

Start a new career and become a voice polygrapher today! Learn the art of uncovering the truth and get access to world class software to help get the bottom of incidents.

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